Draperies you will see everywhere in 2021

Think curtains, the first thing that comes to mind is privacy, insulating a room, and decor purposes. The first item that comes to mind when one moves into a house is non-other but curtains. This is an item that has evolved from parchment (animal skin) to synthetics beginning from the dawn of creation. 

In the olden days, when people lived in tents, curtains probably were hanged at the entrance. They were either woven from wool or made out of parchment. In those days, the use of this drape was to provide privacy and prevent the desert sand from getting into the tents. Curtains became an essential part of the interior, dividing up space and creating privacy. 

As shelter developed from tents to bricks and mortar, the need for curtains became even more important. Doors and windows had to be dragged. The creative minds of humans added color and design to the curtains. Now curtains were no longer pieces of cloth hanging about but now became an item of beauty that enhanced the general ambiance of a room.

It then proves to show that curtains were among the first items for interior Décor, if not the first. Curtain Fabric changed in the 20th century with the innovation of synthetics such as Fiberglass and polyester, linens, etc. Here are a few trending curtains you will see everywhere in 2021;

Pencil Pleat Curtains 

Pencil Pleats Curtains are made with thicker and heavy fabric. Pinch pleats are the most widely used type of pleated curtains. The pleats or folds are stitched and pinched at the top. This allows the folds to flow below and form an elegant formal look. Pinch pleats can be used in Master Bedroom, sitting, or entertainment rooms.

Box Pleat Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains are typical flair of curtains hence never out of fashion, in as much as, its fame escalates and drops with current styles, they look pretty official, thus, work best either with formal or traditional decorating styles.

Seamed from the panel’s back, the tape forms pleats when pulled together. The sagging hooks are then interleaved into the tape, and the panels hung on rings or traverse rods, which use a cord-and-pulley system for opening and closing the curtains.

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Panels with rings 

Panel with rings style, ringed panels hang from rings (also called grommets) that are either attached to the top of the fabric panel or inserted into the fabric near the top edge. Since the curtain rod is quite exposed to these types of curtains, it’s common to use an attractive wooden or metal rod with decorative finials on the rod’s ends.

This type of curtain is fixed on a window that is easily accessible since it is easy to open and close. 

Panel with rings

Linen Curtain

Linen Curtains are undoubtedly one of the latest styles among most modern curtains in 2021, which easily attract people with its stunning artistic robustness, and co- friendliness. One of the most striking qualities of linen curtains is that they look very calming, soothing, and flowy, mainly due to their lighter weight material. It preludes with its natural and organic nature which proves to show why they are among the most popular curtain ideas in 2021. 

Pure Linen Curtain

Largely, there are countless ways to give a nice treat to your window, and it`s a good idea to know your options when the time comes for you to choose your curtains or drapes. Depending on the fabric, color, and pattern to choose, draperies work with any decorating style from official, traditional to contemporary settings. 

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