After a year of gloom, isolation, upheaval and uncertainties, it’s quite  safe to say we’re all collectively looking for a bit more of calm and comfort in this year (2021) — a sentiment that transcends our mental wellbeing, well into our physical spaces. The use of color in design is often a sign of the times as much as the inhabitants.

In reference to the above stated,  professional designers have thus declared jewel and warm earth and neutral tones to be the most preferred color trends of 2021, indicating a preference for cozier hues. Specifically, emerald green and cobalt blue will be popular jewel tones. Burnt orange, mustard yellow and white are the warm tones that will trend in the year.

These individual colors must be explained well in order to understand why they will be the hottest trends in the year. 

Emerald green is a shade of green, a color that symbolizes balance and harmony. Green has strong association with nature and the environment and is seen as the color of luck, freshness and renewal. In color psychology, green is thought to help balance emotions. 

Cobalt blue is a deep , yet vivid shade of blue with hints of green and even violet. In general, blue represents freedom, peace, intuition, expansiveness. It is associated with values like trust, piety, loyalty, intelligence, and love. 

Burnt orange is a medium dark orange that evokes visions of flames. Some say burnt orange symbolizes negative emotions such as selfishness, pride, or aggression, while others characterize burnt orange with autumn, evoking a feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Mustard yellow is simply described as a darker shade of yellow, mustard is an incredibly unique hue of great intrigue and distinction. Most commonly associated with the condiment, mustard is a popular color that appreciates diversity. Often found in comfortable and relaxing environments, mustard is a silent soother. 

White represents purity or innocence. Some of the positive meanings that white can convey include cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. The color white often seems like a blank slate, symbolizing a new beginning or a fresh start.

As a neutral color, Brown tones have been staple in our homes without us realizing. It comes in an array of shades and tones. Brown tone holds the most subtle and pleasing complement, be it’s as an accent or the main affair of a home. Brown tones when used for our wash rooms, dining areas ,bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms ,creates this warmth feeling which is flattery to the skin, particularly when paired with any reflective surface, it also adds a demure and a classy  touch to a room with a bit of dramatic effect .

While brown tone is often thought as an old color, you can bring back brown from the old to the new to make it a modern look for today, try using modern furniture, aesthetic accessories and reflective surfaces. Brown tones saves lot of money and time because it won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Along with jewel and warm earth tone colors, professional designers also determined that 1970s aesthetics and nature-inspired patterns will be big design trends in 2021. Like with fashion, home design trends are often cyclical and reference past eras. 

Are you joining the hottest color trends bandwagon in 2021 or are you going to be a loner and create your own color path? Whatever your decision might be, don’t forget to freely express your authentic self and preference.

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